290. How To Be Awesome At Course Correcting To Design A Life You Love

This is how you don’t wake up one day with a marriage where you don’t communicate or connect.
This is how you don’t wake up one day unable to easily walk up a flight of stairs.. 
It’s called course correcting and I think it’s the answer to how we focus on little things daily to support the big things that matter most to us. 
It’s adjusting as we go.  Not letting things spiral until we hit rock bottom then need an extreme plan to get back on track. 
It’s being present and noticing things when they are off - in all buckets of your life. 
Health, finances, relationships… all of it. 
This is your plan for course correcting and compounding small habits that gradually lead the life you want.
It’s our daily plan actually for designing a life that you love. 
The 1 in 60 rule!
If a pilot takes off headed to their destination and they are just one degree off course, every 60 miles you fly with that error moves you one full mile off course. So you can see that even a slight variance from accuracy can create a real issue.
This is all about small decisions that you make everyday. 
You don’t just wake-up one day with a bad marriage or a disconnected relationship with your child, it compounds over time. 
And on the flip, you don’t just wake up one day feeling like your healthiest and strongest self.  It all compounds over time. 
But the best news is - this makes it feel manageable.
It’s constant focus and attention everyday. 
It’s knowing your goals and priorities. 
In my Ultimate Master Course and also in the 2.0 Habits System, I focus SO much on figuring out what you love and don’t love because I think most people just don’t ask themselves the questions! 
Here’s that link if you’re interested: 
I created a system to focus on daily habits because after reading every possible habits books and really studying the topic at a deep level, I realized that we just need to set ourselves up to do the daily things.  To do the things that bring us closer to our goals or the person that we want to be and NOT do the things that take us further away from it. 

Course Correction:

  1. Continuous Improvement: Clear suggests that instead of aiming for perfection, focus on making small improvements consistently over time. This means being open to adjusting your habits based on feedback and results.
  2. Feedback Loops: He emphasizes the importance of creating feedback loops to track your progress and adjust your habits accordingly. By regularly reviewing your habits and their outcomes, you can identify areas for improvement and make necessary course corrections.
  3. Adaptation: Clear encourages readers to view setbacks and failures as opportunities to learn and adapt rather than reasons to give up. Course correction involves being flexible and resilient in the face of challenges.

Compounding Small Habits:

  1. The Power of Incremental Progress: Clear explains that small habits, when practiced consistently, can compound over time to produce remarkable results. Just as small changes in investment can lead to significant financial growth through compound interest, small habits can lead to significant personal growth through compound effects.
  2. Habit Stacking: He introduces the concept of habit stacking, which involves linking new habits to existing ones to leverage the momentum of established routines. By stacking small habits together, you can amplify their impact and make them more likely to stick.
  3. Focus on Systems, Not Goals: Clear argues that focusing on systems and processes rather than specific goals is key to long-term success. By building a system of small, sustainable habits, you create a framework for continuous improvement and growth.
It’s focusing on small things consistently. Be present and aware and adjust as you go.
It’s not the big things that create big things, it’s the small things done over and over again.
AND it’s doing the right things.
James Clear calls it - leveraging the power of incremental progress. And he says by doing that, you can transform your habits and ultimately your life.
CHEERS to YOU and the awesome life you are creating!