288. How To Be Awesome At Not Labeling Your Feelings Good or Bad

This concept is so freeing… ready?
It’s good to feel sad, angry, stressed… because it’s part of being human.  Those emotions that we tend to label as negative emotions and judge ourselves for feeling are not the problem.  The actual problem is the label, not the emotion itself. 
And here’s the best part, the way you get through those emotions- the sadness or the stress is by not trying to feel the opposite but by simply not labeling these emotions as good or bad. 
When we label our emotions, if often makes those emotions bigger.  If you feel jealous and you feel badly about feeling jealous, it gets bigger.  If we shift to this new emotional awareness and acceptance for our feelings, we recognize that all emotions serve a purpose.  By having the non-judgements attitude toward emotions, we move through emotions faster and solve problems more efficiently. 
It makes us more emotionally resilient and have healthier coping strategies, which is so much more awesome than running yourself down about how you feel.  Let’s unpack it! 
Here are the things we go through… 
-Your actions matter more than your feelings.
We think that we need to feel a certain way to be that type of person. 
BUT that’s where we get it twisted.  It’s the actions you take. 
If you want to be honest
-For a lot of these character traits we think that we need to feel a certain way, but it’s the actions you choose despite how you feel. 
-We think that we need to feel a certain way to be a patient or honest person.  But it’s the actions you take, regardless of these feelings. 
-By labeling emotions, they get bigger. 
-Emotional awareness and acceptance makes you recognize that they all serve a purpose. 
-What is the lesson with this emotion? Have curiosity and compassion 
-This is so essential for navigating the challenges in life.  To have resilience and self-awareness is key. 
  1. -Emotions are neither good nor bad; they're simply messengers. It's our interpretation and response to them that shapes our experience.
  2. -Instead of labeling emotions as positive or negative, view them as signals guiding you towards areas that need attention or growth.
    -Every emotion serves a purpose; it's about understanding what that purpose is and how you can use it to your advantage.”
    -Don't judge your emotions; acknowledge them. They're a reflection of your inner state and can provide valuable insights into your thoughts and behaviors.”
    -Embrace the full spectrum of your emotions. By accepting them without judgment, you empower yourself to navigate life's challenges with greater resilience and clarity.
  6. -Your emotions are like the weather—they come and go. Rather than trying to control them, focus on cultivating a mindset that allows you to adapt and thrive in any emotional climate.
    CHEERS to allowing yourself to FEEL ALL THE FEELINGS without judgment so you can navigate life in the most awesome way possible.