287. How To Be Awesome At Not Being Tired All The Time

I feel like most people would say they tired. Today, yesterday, most days.

I’m really interested in this.

Are we actually tired or are we sort of not excited by what we are doing most days?

And if we are tired, is it because the days are too full and we are doing too many things orrrr is it because we aren’t setting ourself up to feel rested and rejuvenated.

Either way, we need to solve it because we can’t complain that we are tired and not do anything to change it.

In this episode, let’s figure out what’s up.  Are you actually tired or are you overwhelmed or underwhelmed with life right now?

The awesome news - I’m sharing strategies for tackling both.

Let’s get you un-tired so you can be where your feet are and live your days fully.

First, let’s figure out why you’re tired.

1.  Actually tired

Strategies- get more sleep, get better sleep, hydrate with electrolytes, no screen before bed, no food just before bed, create best sleep environment, stick to a schedule.

2.  Not excited with life / overwhelmed / underwhelmed

Strategies- ask yourself the hard questions
Make the changes you need to, have the conversations you need to, do the things you know you should.

3.  In this lazy habit pattern
Just like momentum brings momentum, non-momentum brings non-momentum

Strategies- small steps to move more - get going - exhaust yourself

CHEERS to getting un-tired and living your most full life.