286. Your Awesome Grocery List For High Protein & Whole Foods Eating

Today we are taking the complicated out of eating mostly whole foods and high protein at home in a way that makes you feel full and energized. It’s taken me so many years of learning and spending money on experts to help me figure it all out.
Now every persons body is different of course but I’m sharing lots of ideas of you to chose from to eat in a way that reduces inflammation in your body and helps you be your healthiest and can help you lose weight, all while feeling satisfied. 
I’m giving you a grocery list to follow to make it all simple and not so complicated. 
Because this is what I know… most people aren’t eating enough protein and are eating too much processed foods. Most people say they are tired and often times we want to  healthier but it’s hard to know where to start. I also know that we must have a strong plan in order to stick to our goals.
So this is our plan for eating to feel our best in the short term and long term. Eating for energy and longevity and the part I think that most people miss with this - buying organic and grass fed items are always more expensive than the regular but if you prep it the right way, it is absolutely less expensive than ordering in. 
And if you know me you know there are some awesome healthy treats in the plan too, because that’s what makes it sustainable in the long term. We are full and satisfied and know it’s not at all a diet, but rather a lifestyle to feel our best.
Let’s go! 
Here is your grocery list
*Grassfed ground beef or steaks 
*Organic ground chicken or turkey 
*Organic pasture raised eggs
*1 organic butter lettuce 
*1 organic head of iceberg lettuce 
*1 organic rotisserie chicken 
*Veggies like zucchini, onions, peppers 
*Avocados (1 per day)
*2 large organic greek yogurts 
Then some throw ins to make all of this sustainable 
*Siete toritilla chips 
*Grain free tortillas 
*Grass fed organic cheese, raw if possible 
*Organic dark chocolate 
*Raw honey 
*Bananas & peanut butter 
And to cook it in… 
*Avocado oil 
*Coconut oil 
*Olive oil 
How to make the money go the furthest! 
Protein amounts...
An egg has 6g of protein 
A chicken breast as about 40g of protein 
One pound of ground beef has 65g of protein 
Some seeds can be great too like hemp seeds and pumpkin seeds
So if your goal is 1g of protein per pound of body weight- you can divide out how much protein you need per meal.
My goal is 120g per day so I plan for about 40-50g per meal and I have 3 meals.
I think the KEY to all of this is to base your meals around protein and mostly whole foods. Get some veggies and some carbs and you’re nice and full and happy! 
Other options based on preferences!
*Halibut or salmon -always wild caught 
*Canned tuna or chicken 
*Flax seeds and chia seeds 
*Protein powders! 
Take this list with you to the grocery store!