283. How To Be Awesome At Managing Health With A Broken Healthcare System

You know I focus on the positive always and even though this title might not sound positive, it’s empowering to call things what they are and make a plan to proceed in the best way possible. 
Rather than getting mad about the way things are, we have to recognize what we can control and what is out of our control and make a plan with based on that. 
This isn’t just about avoiding disease and living as long as possible. 
It’s that but it’s also how to have more energy and strength now and as we age.  How to feel sharp and healthy. 
I don’t think it’s even controversial anymore to say that the traditional healthcare system is not set-up to keep us healthy and prevent disease. 
It’s set-up to treat symptoms rather than the cause and lean heavily on medication rather than considering lifestyle and natural options first. 
I’m all for medications and treatments when needed- I just think it’s not a great system when there is so much money in treating illnesses and there isn’t a lot of money in getting people healthy or finding cures. 
Today we’re looking at the health landscape as it is now and making the best plan for us and our families. 
This new outlook involves shifting from sick care to well care and reactive medicine to proactive medicine. 
For the last 15 years, I have spent so much time in hospitals and doctors offices, and I think I come with a unique perspective… sometimes as a patient, but usually taking care of other people.
In Tony Robbins new book… 
Life Force - they explain new technologies like gene therapy, stem cells and hormone replacement therapy to give the audience hope and knowledge for the future. 
He talks about how heart disease and other chronic illnesses can be reversed by optimizing four factors.
How you eat 
How active you are 
How you respond to stress
How much emotional support you receive
We have the power to control so much of our health and heart health. 
Exercise, eating the right foods, quality sleep, building muscle and reducing stress.
Good health is the foundation of quality of life. 
As the old saying goes, a healthy person has a thousand wishes; a sick person only one. 
It’s a powerful reminder to make the most important commitment you can make.  
You must become the CEO of your health. 


That’s how you keep your energy, vitality and a good quality of life.  


A few of my other favorite books on this topic are Outlive by Peter Attia, Lifespan by David Sinclair, and Super Human by Dave Asprey. 


We’ve learned that you must continually challenge the status quo and find what’s best for you. 
By understanding that you must be in control of your health and by not expecting the traditional healthcare system to take on this role… you will make better decisions for your own health and out of your family.