282. How To Be Awesome At Figuring Out Your Impossible Goal

Talking about one of my favorite books- 10x IS EASIER THAN 2X

By Dan Sullivan and Dr. Ben Hardy 
Excerpt from the book:
What is a 10x goal? 
A massive goal that feels impossible. 
Doing more of what you’re currently doing will get you to 2x. 
10x goals require a new plan and push you outside of your current level of knowledge and assumptions. 
To figure out your 10x goal, as yourself… 
What do you truly want, more than anything else? 
What would excite you more than anything else to be, do and have? 
What would you be and do if you weren’t afraid of what others thought or the repercussions? 
-Let’s focus on wants vs needs 
When you live life based on need, you’re stuck playing a finite game. When you play a finite game, you’re driven and controlled by outside forces. You’re competing for scarce resources. 
When you live life based on want, rather than need, you’re playing an infinite game. You see that reality is created and chosen.
In order to go 10x, we have to let go of scarcity and competition-based needing and replace it with abundance and creativity-based wanting. 
-Focusing on FREEDOM! 
Committing to what you want most is the only way to be free. 
To be free, you must first be completely honest with yourself.  Being honest with yourself starts with admitting to yourself what you want most. 
Not what you think you want.
Not what you think you need. 
But what you truly- at your core-want. 
Until you can admit and commit to what you want, then you are not free. 
Living in a world of needs and rationalizations is prison. It locks you into relationships and situations you don’t want but maintain out of fear and perceived security or obligation. 
Llet’s think about what you are doing now… 
Anything you are currently pursuing. Ask yourself what is the source of that...
  • Where did you get that idea?
  • Is it from your parents?
  • Is it from social media?
  • Is it because your friend did something or because your friend got promoted?
OR did you get that idea because it makes you FEEL ALIVE?
It takes work to unlearn what we’ve been taught and put ear plugs in so we don’t hear the judgment or the opinions of others.
It’s our job to make sure we are running our own race. 
We have to be intentional about what success means to us and stop at nothing to get there.
-Once you have it down, what next… 
Start with your 10x goal, then figure out the steps, not the other way around.
When we are working towards 2x goals, we are doing the same thing, just more of it.
When we are working towards 10x goals, we must completely shake up the plan. 
So rather than starting with step 1 and making a plan, we start with the massive goal in mind, then figure out a plan to make it happen. 
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Have an awesome day!