280. How To Be Awesome At Mastering The Last Hour Of Your Day

The last hour of your day is so important because it determines the quality of sleep that you get and how you approach the next day. 
I’ve learned the most about this in my own life from doing things the wrong way to be honest. Staying up too late, eating too late or just sort of tinkering here and there and I couldn’t even tell you what I really did for those last 2 hours.
All these things I did without intention and just because I was getting tired and just doing whatever slowly without a plan. 
Taking all of this as lessons learned and on this journey to do everything with intention - now, having a plan for the last hour of the day.
So even if you’re tired or you’ve run out of motivation for the day, when you plan things ahead of time with intention, you don’t have to get up the energy because you aren’t making the decision, you’re just following the plan that you designed. 
It requires discipline, which is hard at first, but it gets sooo much easier to do when you see the benefits of these new awesome habits. 
We are revamping bedtime. 

From the book, 10X is Easier Than 2x:

The final hour of the day determines the quality of your sleep as well as the quality of your next day. Over 90 percent of people are 2x at night, where they fall to unhealthy habits and consumption, especially random online scrolling.

For 10x sleep, put your phone on airplane mode at least 30-60 minutes before bed. Write in your journal and include 3 wins you had that day.

These wins can be any forms of learning or progress you had.

Then after you’ve framed the day as a win, write down what you want for tomorrow. 


Other tips:

-Have a few other healthy wind down habits like meditate or stretch or a moment of connection with someone you love and then commit to sleep. Be excited and happy to fully shut down.

-Create an optional environment - dark, cool and comfortable.
-Having a healthy wind-down process is key. Avoid thinking about stressing topics and solve problems or have
tricky discussions earlier in the day. In prioritizing sleep, we have to wrap things up and let things go earlier in the day. Do
what needs to be done and say what needs to be said so you don’t go to bed with crumbs! You will sleep better without a
racing mind when you go to sleep. Journal to wind down and figure out what else sets you up for the best nights sleep.
-Quality sleep over quantity of sleep - The quality of sleep is so much more important than the number of hours.

-Get a schedule going - Have a set bedtime and wake time and don’t vary it too much or you’ll experience “jetlag."
-If you want to read more on this- Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stevenson. Many of these strategies were learned from this book.
CHEERS to being intentional about how you end your day, for the most awesome days!!