279. How To Be Awesome At Developing Deep Self Confidence


Today we are talking about deep self confidence. How to get it, what it feels like and how to make it attainable. I’m a big fan of taking complicated concepts and turning them into simple daily actions. 
Here is how I define confidence. A belief in yourself and clarity of purpose. A feeling that is grounded in authenticity and comes from doing.
Confidence is often talked about like this big feeling at the finish line, but that feels unattainable and hard to figure out how to make progress on. 
My favorite quote about confidence is by Alex Hormozi.  He says “You don’t become confident by shouting affirmations in the mirror, but by having an undeniable stack of proof that you are who you say you are. Outwork your self doubt.”
I love this way of thinking about confidence because it puts you in the drivers seat.  Your self confidence isn’t based on what other people think about what you are doing or some level of success, but it’s more about the process and more about what you do, than what you say. 
When you feel this deep self confidence, it impacts all other areas of your life. You’re less likely to be offended and more likely to let little things go. You’re more likely to charge your big goals and less likely to let judgment slow you down. 
It’s a superpower and we’re talking about how to tackle it! 
Why have deep self confidence:
-It makes you less affected by the opinions of others. 
-It keeps you in control of your mood and happiness. 
-It helps you communicate better because you feel comfortable expressing yourself clearly. 
-It positions you as a leader rather than someone who is easily influenced. 
-It makes you more adaptable as you trust in your ability to navigate change. 
-It allows you the freedom to really pursue your passions. 
How to get deep self confidence:
-Put things on your daily habits like that move your towards your goals, personally and professionally. 
-Every week, try new things, do hard things, continue to learn and push yourself. 
-Since we know that confidence comes from doing, just keep doing things that align with your goals and priorities. 
What it feels like to have deep self confidence: 
-Confidence comes from doing the things you say you are doing to do. It’s this deep feeling of trusting yourself. 
-You feel empowered. Like you can take on any challenges.
-This sense of inner peace. You are comfortable with you are and trust in your own abilities. 
-You’re optimist because you have a positive outlook and a strong foundation so you’re able to believe in a bright future. 
-You’re fearless because you know you can handle whatever comes your way. 
-You’re authentic because you’re running your own race. 
-You set boundaries, especially with people who are negative or don’t make you feel great. You respect yourself enough to know your headspace is top priority. 
-You're grateful because you appreciate the journey you’ve been on and the one you are on right now. 
-You’re inspirational. When you know someone with deep self confidence, it makes you believe you can be the same way. 
How to make progress on the daily: 
-Follow the plan!
-Make your list of tasks, then execute.
-Avoid distractions and don’t talk yourself out of it. 
-Set big goals, then focus on the daily actions, not the goals. 
-Do what you tell yourself you are going to do. 
-Set realistic habits so you are set-up for success. 
CHEERS to embracing the things that bring you deep self confidence!