277. The Most Awesome Daily Habits To Feel Your Best

The goal of this episode is to give you lots of ideas of habits that you can add into your daily life that make you feel awesome. 

I am super passionate about doing things with intention.  Not just going through the motions and routine of life but really being open to trying new things and being willing to change things up when you’re in a funk.

I am equally passionate about designing your days so you love them. Not only looking forward to the weekend or the vacation out of town, but designing a life that feels exciting to you. 

And the best way to do it is not with one big event, it’s with lots of tiny habits that you do everyday that add up to fulfilling days, weeks and months. 

Let’s get to allll of the ideas of daily habits to feel your best. 

One of the coolest things about social media is that I think you can really good ideas by seeing what other people do and what their days are like. 

Make a list of your 10s!  Then plan to get them in! 

Replies from IG…
-Daily workouts
-Eye patches every morning 
-Intermittent fasting 
-Acupuncture every week 
-Audiobooks in the car 
-Using planner to stay organized 
-Yoga in the morning 
-Skincare routine 
-Quite time 
-Time to read 
-Morning coffee time 
-Sunless tanning 

My ideas…
-Grounding - put your feet in the ground 
-Have a really delicious last bite of food for the day 
-Have a crazy comfortable bed that you can’t wait to get into 
-Having a set bedtime and wake time 
-Sauna can be so relaxing 
-Have a 0 to 100 plan and a 100 to 0 plan 
-Connecting with someone in your inner circle every single day 
-Have a done tasking time - day is done- whatever carries over has to happen tomorrow 
-Long hot shower with a podcast or YouTube video 
-Hair care routine 

By really thinking about the habits that really make us feel great, we make them a priority. Then we are more intentional about how we spend our time and we get so many more of them in each day.

CHEERS to adding in habits that make you feel your best!  And you’re on your way to designing your awesome life!