275. Life Lately And Lessons Learned

In this episode, Lindsay shares the story of her father’s battle with cancer and the heartbreak from all of it.
She’s sharing lessons learned and gems of information that she thinks will be helpful as we all go through life together.
Even though the topic is very heavy, Lindsay wanted to make sure that listening to this doesn’t make you sad, but rather think about who is really important to you and make sure you are spending enough time with them… and her new life mantra… 
If you have a chance take it 
If you have a dream chase it
About really LIVING each day/month/year FULLY 
Have the uncomfortable conversations.
Be crazy proactive about your health - listen to your body and go in on the first day that you don't feel right. 
Be open to alternative treatment options. 
Spend time with people that you love and be very intentional about who that is.  You have to pick- not go with what you should do or have always done. 
Thank you for listening and for being a part of this community.  Sharing this very personal story is important and special to Lindsay and we are grateful for the lessons that come with it. 
Email Lindsay if you want to chat - Lindsay@HowToBeAwesomeAtEverything.com