271. How To Be Awesome At Celebrating Yourself (and 21 other gems of wisdom)

This is a little birthday thoughts wrap-up and lessons learned podcast episode. 
I would argue that it’s easier to celebrate other people  than celebrating yourself but I think it’s super important and something I got a little better at this time around. 
I’m sharing lots of ideas of how to celebrate yourself - whether it’s your birthday or an accomplishment or a milestone or something you’re proud of - we should lean into celebrating ourselves, not feel weird about it. 
Just like how we should talk to ourselves really nicely like we would talk to our favorite person - same thing- it’s important to prioritize celebrating YOU.  And making the plan yourself, not relying on anyone else.  It’s empowering and fun!
Also in this episode, 21 other gems of wisdom that I think you’ll love and take with you!
What I know for sure at 42…
First off… 
Get in your 10s!
Prioritize things that you really like - big and small 
Prioritize rest and relax and unplugging 
Learn something new 
Challenge yourself 
Give yourself the time and space to just have a day 
Listen to loud music 
Host your own bday party 
Reflect and set goals 
Travel or plan travel 
Tell people what you want / expect 
❤️There’s nothing more important than love. Make sure your people how much much you really love them and then do anything for them, always. 
❤️ Most stress comes from the way we respond, not the way life is. Adjust how you see things, look for the good, learn the lessons and change your response. 
❤️ Be very intentional about your priorities and spend your time and money accordingly. 
❤️ You never realize how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have. (Bob Marley quote- love)
❤️ Good or bad, this moment won’t last forever.  Breathe in and really enjoy those highs and buckle down and get through the lows. Better days are on the way. 
❤️ Just. Keep. Going. Most people give up way too soon. It wasn’t a bad idea, you just didn’t do it long enough. 
❤️ You can go down the wrong path and end up in the right place. Sometimes that’s the process- losing your way can be the best way to find what truly sets your soul on fire. 
❤️ Work hard to get in a happy headspace then keep working hard to stay there. 
❤️ Avoid everything negative and complaining, no good comes from it. 
❤️ Take massive action… no amount of planning or intention actually moves you toward your goals. 
❤️ Make yourself uncomfortable as often as you can. It’s good to be nervous before a big speech and miserable in a cold plunge- it means you’re putting yourself out there and you’re growing and learning and becoming tougher & more confident in yourself. 
❤️ Go to bed without crumbs. Be a good human and you’ll never have to worry about something coming back around. 
❤️ Being able to be vulnerable is actually a superpower. So much growth and confidence comes from owning where you’re at. 
❤️ Choose your pain- the pain of growth or the pain of staying the same.
❤️ Prioritize your health everyday, not when you get sick. 
❤️ When you truly don’t worry about the judgement of others, you’ll see a world of opportunities that you didn’t see before. 
❤️ Make sure you’re running your own race. That you’re intentional about what success means to you and stop at nothing to get there.
❤️ The best way to make good decisions- don’t put yourself in bad situations.
❤️ You cannot lose if you do not quit. (Alex Hormozi quote- love)
❤️ Saying nothing sometimes says the most. 
❤️ Spend as much time as possible doing the things you love with the people you love. 
❤️ Prioritize laughter, fun and celebrations. Celebrate the people you love - and yourself- as often as you can 🫶🏼