267. How To Be Awesome At Transforming Your Pain Into Fuel

I’ve learned that the best motivator for change and growth is not motivation, it’s not in your morning routine… it’s a actually PAIN.

Pain from the past or pain that you are going through now, can be your superpower and your driver for starting the next chapter.

Maybe someone in your life told you that you’re a loser and you’ll always be a loser- you can either sit in the pain and anger of that - or you can get to work.
There’s only one actual type of revenue and it’s called success.

I’d rather be at rock bottom than in a mediocre situation, which might sound crazy but I believe this 100%.  Because at rock bottom you have FIRE to change.  When things aren’t great but aren’t terrible, most people don’t make the decisions that are best for them or have the conversations they need to have.

We’re leaning into your pain today and actually making it your superpower.

The second title of this podcast was going to be - the best type of revenge - because it’s all very similar.

It’s like this… pain motivates faster than pleasure.  Use your pain!

Pain is the best motivator for change and growth.
We can either sit with the pain and think about who’s fault it is and how shitty this is… OR we can take that pain and use it to give us gas baby.  
It’s pain both ways- the pain of staying the same or the pain of change and struggle to become the person that you really want to be.  I’ll take the second type of pain all day.

SUCCESS is the only revenge.

You don’t beat them - they fade away because of what you’ve become.

So many high performers have used their past to increase how hard they are willing to work.

Think about this … which is more powerful
I want to live a better life.
I want to prove my dad wrong who told me I’ve failed at this and that so I’ll just going to keep failing.

Which gives you more fuel?

You think you’ll go back to them later and be like SEE- you were wrong!!  But here’s the thing- by the time you get there - that won’t even matter.  You won’t be thinking about them anymore.

But it helped you to get there.

Be honest about your pain- don’t suppress or ignore or be self-conscious about it.

Define your goals and priorities-  what will get you out of the current pain or what will make you move on from past pain?

Then let’s turn that pain into FUEL baby!!
It’s a burn the boat type of thing.  It’s all in.  This is your new minimum standard for yourself.

Lose the ego… work on your resilience and toughen up muscles.

The things that hurt so bad in the short term can be what propel you so far forward in the long term.

GET SPECIFIC - I want to show this person that they’re an idiot and what they said about me isn’t.

This won’t always be your fuel - it will fade away!

A chip on your shoulder could be a good thing!

Be SO specific about your pain is!

Dont say -
I hate my life I’m a loser.
I hate the way my dad makes me feel when he says im a loser and I won’t achieve anything - and maybe because it stings because you worry the same thing.

It hurts the most when you feel like there is an element of truth to it.

If someone accusing you of being something that you aren’t - it doesn’t bother you as much.  

Alex Hormozi says it this way.

“Success is the only revenge.

As you expand they shrink into irrelevance.

You don't beat them- you cast a shadow so big, nobody can see them to begin with.”

CHEERS to focusing on the only type of revenge - success!  And reshaping how we define and respond to our pain.