266. How To Be Awesome At Reshaping Your Identity With 5 Words

Have you ever woken up late and missed the work out you had planned? And you say something like God I always do that. I’m so mad at myself. Think about the identity that you are putting on yourself.
Now take that same example and your reaction is this… Wow… That’s not like me. 

I heard Ed Mylett say this, and it was such a massive lightbulb moment for me. 

The first response is telling yourself - yup, that’s who you are - you can’t get your hot mess of a self up on time for the gym. 
The second response is the opposite- it’s saying… wow, this is not aligned with the person I see myself as.

This small reaction moment completely changes how this experience affects you and how you label it. 
In the first way, you may feel frustrated with yourself all day and an overall lower opinion of your ability to get things done as planned.

And with the second response- you’re like… ok let’s pivot and carve out time at the end of the day to get it in because I’m a person that doesn’t miss workouts. 

This same method applies to so many areas of life that we are getting into today. 

And it’s just so simple - 5 words.  Wow, that’s not like me. 

And the reason why this works so insanely well is because we know that stopping negative talk is more powerful than increasing positive talk. 

You know, I love something that is easy to remember and apply to your daily life. This is one of those! 

Whenever we make a mistake or make the wrong choice or fail, or lose it some thing… Instead of all the other negative things, we could say… What if we said… Wow, that’s not like me. 

You are recognizing that this action or behavior or choice or mistake… Whatever it is… Does not identify with the person you want to be. 

Good activity - your life priorities list and brain dump the type of person that you are 
Then schedule it!! 

The other day, on the way home from school Presley was saying how she has so much homework and she really needs to get ahead… We walk in the door and she unpacks her backpack and she doesn’t have her laptop.

It really hit her hard. She was crying and mad and said what is wrong with me… I always do this. 

I sat down on her bed and said, wow, that’s not like you.

Now for the record… This is the second time she has forgotten her laptop since we started school if you weeks ago
But I said to her… Did you forget your laptop yesterday… She’s like no and I’m like what about the day before? And she’s like no I’m like see? 
I’m telling you… These five simple words, reframe how we label and interpret mistakes. 

When you turn off your alarm and sleep through your work out… Rather than beating yourself up when you wake up… Your reaction is… This does not align with who I actually am!

Losing it with your kids 
Gossiping/ talking badly about someone 
Talking bad about your own body 
Wasting money 
Being short with your spouse 
Picking the wrong boyfriend 
Over apologizing 
Wasting time scrolling 
Going out of your way to make someone else’s life hard 
Picking a battle that you should have let go 
Not supporting a friend like you wanted to 
Eating super unhealthy to where you feel badly 

When you go to beat yourself up- just stop yourself!!  And say those 5 words - Wow, that’s not like me.

It changes it all!  And is a real secret to true self confidence.

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CHEERS to setting up this habit to instantly reframe how mistakes affect you.  Now go put that post-it up so you use this in your life!

It will say… 
Wow, that’s not like me.