260. How To Be Awesome When You Feel Lost

We all have times in our lives when we feel lost or in a hard transition time… we aren’t sure what our purpose is or we have a lack or goals or passions.  We can feel lost in one aspect of our lives or sort of lost in general.  Maybe it’s a feeling of overwhelm or underwhelm or both!  Today, we’re talking about what to do when you feel lost… in one aspect of life or the total picture.

We’re breaking it down and not making it harder than it actually is to get through it.

Here are the steps that have served me best:

Figure out what you want
Figure out how to get it
Get the right mindset
Get the right skillset
Get the right habits in place
Be willing to make adjustments
And just keep going.

Let’s talk about the ways people can feel lost in different stages of life…

Major life transitions
Money stress
Unclear goals

1.  Figure out what you want
Hard part

2.  Figure out how to get it
Easy part
Find someone who’s already got it - and reverse engineer what they did
Who knows the path?  Then do the work.

3.  Figure out the daily habits it will take to get there
Show me your habits and I’ll tell you what your life looks like in 6 months or one year.

4.  Make adjustments
Don’t be afraid to change - evyerhing will stay the same if you don’t
And don’t be afraid to change as you go - you can’t be so set in your plan that you don’t see what needs to be adjusted as you go.

5.  Just keep going
Don't make it harder than it needs to be
Get in the right mindset
Get the right skillset
Get the right habits in place

Figure out what it is, find people who have done it, make a plan, do the work.

FOCUS on this thing right when you wake up and before you go to bed.

Change can be slow, but with this plan, you’ll get there.

Cheers to figuring out what you want and going and getting it!