259. How To Be Awesome At Saving Time By Not Running Errands

If you spend a few hours a week running errands like most of us do… This podcast is about to save you so much time!

Today we are looking at the things that we do in a week or in a month and figuring out what we can stream line. You know I love the system of automate, eliminate and delegate.
With all the different technologies available today… there is no reason we should be spending hours a week running errands. There is simply just more efficient options and better ways to accomplish the same thing. And the best part… for very little or no cost at all.

By planning ahead of time and getting some systems in place… we can save so much time by utilizing modern technologies and flexing are efficiency muscles.

And then we are left with more time to do the things we love with the people we love, but we’re also less exhausted and less annoyed- big bonus!

-Only TWO times you should run errands - if you truly enjoy it or if it’s truly last minute.

-By planning ahead and being strategic, we can avoid virtually all errands.

-Most of us do errands because it’s in our routine.

-The goal of this pod is to shake things up and what we do that we could do more efficiently.

-Shop online - most places have free delivery

-Subscription services

-Planning meals ahead of time

-Automate bills/ get more tech savy

-Have things delivered!

-Use Uber!

-Delegate tasks - babysitter etc for a few errands before watching kids.

The whole key to this is planning ahead and being open to the new way of doing things.  

The added bonus besides saving so much time is you save so much money!  From not getting all the impulse items.  And since you’re not at as many places, you’re not even missing what you’re not buying!!

CHEERS to all your newly found free time now that you’re not running around doing errands!  Have an awesome day!!