258. How To Be Awesome At Saving Your Energy For The Important Stuff

Today we are talking about what you give your energy to.

And if we do a very honest self audit, I bet we are all in someway giving energy the things that we don’t want to or they don’t serve us

Our goal today is to work towards not giving energy towards things we can’t control.
Like what people think of you - something that may feel like you have control over but you actually don’t. Therefore… It’s not worth spending your energy on.

And so many other ways to protect our energy like- being around people who make us feel awesome… And eliminating or significantly reduce any amount of time you spend around people who don’t make you feel great.

Think about yourself like you’re a quarterback at the football game and your energy is that football you are holding so tight to your chest and all day long you are running through this football field of life where big dudes are trying to slam into you and try to take your energy or disrupt it.

Our job is to protect our energy like it’s the most important thing… Because it actually is.

-Just like we need to train in the gym to be strong physically - we need to constantly train to be strong mentally.

So welcome to this awesome mental gym where today we are going to dive into what you spend your energy on.  Mentally and physically.

We only have so much energy in a day.  How are we spending it and what needs to be adjusted?

You have no control over what people think.  We have a hard enough time
Believing you have any control of what other people think is setting yourself up for failure.

You can only control your behavior with regards to their feelings - not what they think.

Take care of yourself

-Allow yourself to say no
Release yourself from the worry associated with saying no
Don’t do things you dont want to do

-Here’s the secret- Don’t be a jerk or inconsiderate.  Be a kind and caring person and be insanely loyal to your inner circle… and kind and considerate to everyone else.  Then do whatever the heck makes you happy!!  

Don’t be in this trap of saying yes because you feel like you have to- all to make someone else try to think some way about you - when you can’t control that anyway.

How about - dont go to the bridal shower that you dont want to go to - tell them ahead of time - send a nice note and gift and be on your happy way!!

-Reduce mental clutter

-Free up space so you have energy for things you really care about

-It creates a better world for everyone around you

-You’ll be happier in everything you do

-Because you aren’t going to things that you dont want to go to.

-You’ll have more time to do the things you love with the people you love!!