256. How To Be Awesome At Becoming Your Strongest & Leanest

The world of nutrition and fitness can all be so complicated and overwhelming.

It’s hard to know what theory to go with or eating plan makes the most sense for you.

I read and study nutrition and fitness and longevity more than any other topic and the thing that I’ve learned is that it doesn’t need to be so complicated - and while everyone is of course different- it helps SO much to simplify it.


The best way to be lean and strong, and lose weight is by doing two things.

Build muscle and consume protein.

It’s honestly that simple.  In this podcast we are going through these concepts plus the other key concepts I think we need to be thinking about and have in our routine.

-Hydrate with electrolytes
-Take Magnesium powder every night
-Sleep at least 7 hours
-Get in 10k steps per day
-Take collagen & creatine

This is a lifetime journey of learning and training and getting stronger.  This podcast will help simplify things and motivate you for all the right reasons.

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Episode 240 is all about how to eat 100 grams of protein per day

-Eat 30-50 grams for each of your 3 meals
-Simple and it works!! Short term and long term and you get to eat a lot and you don’t feel deprived.
-The best way to be lean and strong and focus on overall health and longevity more than looks - two things

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-We are going to talk about a few other things too but honestly… if we can JUST focus on protein and building muscle - we are 90% of the way there.

Here are the tips!!
-Build muscle - you won’t get bulky don't worry
-If you dont lift weights, you will age faster
-Cardio is great for cardiovascular health - but if you want to lose fat- it’s not cardio- it’s lifting weights!
-A toned and sculpted body does not come from an elypitcal or a treadmill. It comes from the weights!!

-Eat protein - like a ton
-It makes you feel FULL! And it gives you energy!

Here are my links to my favorite supplements mentioned:




Protein Powders:

Collagen Powder:

Electrolyte Powder:

Have an awesome day!!