255. How To Be Awesome At Avoiding Decision Fatigue

Are you ever facing a pretty easy decision and you’re like - I don’t even know I can’t make one more decision today.
You’ve reached… decision fatigue.

That point to where you’ve made so many decisions that you’re just out of decision battery.

And that’s my favorite way to think about it.

We start with full battery in the morning - and we are the most sharp.
For every decision we make, our decision battery drains just a little bit.

Studies show that we make 35,000 decisions in a day… no wonder sometimes we hit our max!

But knowing this, we can set-up routines and plans and habits to where most of our decisions are made for us already.

We’re going to prioritize what’s most important and simplify things so that we have more energy for the important decisions that really matter.

How have I gotten to episode 255 of this podcast without talking about this yet!!

This is SO important!!

We’re talking about how to take SO MANY of the decisions you make each day - and take the decision part out of it.
What to wear, what to eat, what order to do things, what exercise to do, what to do first in the morning, what to do before bed.

We are going to focus on each thing and figure out works best for us.  Don’t just keep going on autopilot!

-Sometimes we postpone things

We aren’t sure what task to tackle on our to do list

We aren’t sure what to say back to a text message

-This all stops us from moving forward!

-Then, dont go back and reanalyze
Decide and set it up and move on

-Simple decisions are now not as simple!
How do you want your coffee? How do you want to build your salad?
There are 34 different ways to cook your eggs and 14 different types of apples.
It’s so empowering to figure out what you like then set up routines and habits so that you’re not making the same decisions over and over.

Ways to reduce decision fatigue and make better choices

-reduce amount of decisions that you make- what is actually essential
-when you’re in a growth phase, don’t be afraid to say no to things - no and move on
-automate decisions!! Like… wear the same thing everyday!
-New habits
-Do your most important things early in the day! When you are the most fresh
Your brain is the most sharp first thing in the am.
Whatever requires the most mental energy - do that first up!
-take breaks!
-break things down so they aren’t so complicated
-do one thing at a time- make one good decision- take all the time you need then move on

Take care of your body and mind!  Everything always comes back to that!

Cheers to saving energy for things that actually matter!!

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