251. How To Be Awesome At Making Mailbox Money

I’m adding in more entrepreneur podcast episodes because I think - aside from all the other stuff we talk about on this podcast - protecting your happy headspace and moving your body, getting sunlight, plenty of sleep and nutrition… making more money can positively change your life because you get life freedom which equals happiness. 

So today, we’re talking about my favorite type of money to make- mailbox money. 

Because you work really hard for a period of time on a project, then.. you let it fly and get paid- usually for a long time if not forever.  

Mailbox money is term to describe passive income meaning you aren’t trading your time for money.  Which is the smartest way to do it - hence my favorite. 

There are lots of ways to make passive income - from real estate investments or rental properties… but in this podcast, we are focusing ways that you can make passive income - without a big investment and that you can do from home. 

You don’t have to have a business background or a certain degree… you just have to have a great idea and the willingness to work hard and keep doing the hard things over and over until they work. 

We’re talking specifically about selling digital products and affiliate marketing.  

Which are so much more exciting than they sound!

-Here are a few things Lindsay talks about in this podcast! 
What are digital products? 
Things like online courses, digital downloads, e-books

-So you take something that you know really well, something you are an expert on, and create a digital something that people can buy to learn more. 
You just have to be a few steps beyond other people! 
What are you great at?  What could you teach? 
Could be something you spent 10 years learning- or something you just know really well. 

-The best and most successful ones are ones where you can identify your audience, so you can maximize people who are searching for it - and use Google Adwords to target them, in addition to social media. 
And ones that are a specific niche work great- you don’t want to be too broad. 

-And!  Affiliate marketing links!
Like To Know it/ Reward Style 
Amazon Affiliates 

-Link anything on the internet and get paid! 

-It takes time to build but it’s long game 

-Some of this is straight passive income - like you do a blog post and post it and then it lives on - but other things are mostly passive income as I call it - where you remind people about it and post on it and it.  You’r working smart and getting commission on things you recommend to people. 

-Think about who you follow and why.  Who you follow that if they post something - you’re likely to buy it! 

-Find your own angle! 

-Here’s why I’m so excited about the things.  My team and I have created a blueprint and we’ve used it to help build lifestyle brands for the women that I mentor and let me tell you - it is FIRE!

And it works in all industries. 

Once I saw this working I was like whoa I need to really set this up so women can see what’s possible.

I do a 3 month lifestyle brand building package where we do it like this - 
(And you could do this yourself too!) 

1st month- Start podcast 
Create a website 

2nd month- Create online course 
Set-up affiliate marketing 

3rd month- Create media deck
Create social media strategy
Professional signatures for emails 
Email templates for reach out

-This all builds your lifestyle brand- to do whatever you want with. 

-Use a podcast to drive interest! 

-Another podcast episode coming soon all about how to make money from a podcast specifically.  Another topic I love! 

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