261. How To Be Awesome At Doing A Full Days Work In 3 Hours

If you are obsessed with productivity and making the most out of your time, this episode is for you!

I’m outlining my very clear strategy for getting a full days worth of work done in exactly 3 hours. 

It’s taken me so many years of trial and error and reading so many books about high performers and habits and morning routines and efficiency… and from all of that, I’ve started doing this routine with ONE app that I will tell you about.

Now I designed this for my work life but it honestly works so well in all parts of life.  It’s about setting yourself up in an environment where you can be laser focused, super efficient, complete one thing before you go on to the next and avoid all distractions. 

Today I’m giving you a complete blueprint for doing a full days worth of work in 3 hours.  Once you do it once and see how much you can get done, you’ll be obsessed!  And - even better- feel the freedom of going out and enjoying the day after because you were just crazy productive.

A few key points from this podcast:

-Use app: Brain FM and set-up a 90 minute session. 

-Make it impossible to be distracted 

-Know ahead of time what you will work on during each session. 

-Stay laser focused - know you are on a time limit. 

-Do ONE THING at a time, and don’t go on to something new until that one thing is done. 

-Stick to the plan, do the hardest thing first. 

-Get in a great environment - then don’t get up for anything.  Keep a little water next to you- go to the restroom first etc.  This is 90 minutes of SOLID work. 

-This works for ANYTHING you want to get done in your life too!  Not just work!  Plan a vacation, plan a kids party, organize your finances, whatever it is! 

-Plan it out the night before, the morning of, or during your in between times- waiting for appointments, chill time at night, waiting in carpool, etc. 

-One 90 minute session then break for 30 mins to eat and do what you need to do, then back on for another 90 minutes. 
It’s like a mid-way reward, and then another reward at the end. 

Why this works so well!

-It’s impossible to do intense work all day - which is why people lag and space it out.

-By being ULTRA productive for 3 hours- then you feel SO accomplished and the work doesn’t drag out. 

-It takes us SO long to get back in the rhythm after getting distracted. 

-You do a BETTER job in less time because you are fully focused on it.  You aren’t stopping to eat or for texts etc. 

Because getting your stuff done in the most efficient way and then going out and living your life is the MOST AWESOME!!