257. How To Be Awesome At Kids Parties Q+A Style

You might know that one of my favorite things is throwing kids parties and I thought it’d be fun to do a Q and A episode with all of the questions I’ve gotten lately about throwing awesome kids parties. 
My goal is always to set-up an experience that is special and in a way magical for everyone that comes to the party. 
It’s a moment in time to celebrate your little birthday boy or girl in a way that is perfect for age and what they are into right now… and something for them to look forward to and help plan… and then feel so special and loved at the party. 
I think my love for kids parties extends from how cool it is to see things through kids eyes.  To see them get so excited and have so much fun, is just the best.
In today’s episode, we’re focusing on enjoying the process of party planning, maximizing your budget and spending less than you probably think… and building an event that runs smoothly and everyone has a great time.
Here are some of the questions that Lindsay answers: 
-How do you plan out the timing of it? 
-What went well, what went wrong? What did you learn from this party? 
-What food do you serve?
-How much does the party cost? 
-How do you know shirts sizes for kids? 
-How far ahead of time do you start planning? 
-How do you create the space for parties? Tent, fabric, etc. 
-When does it make sense to rent a venue? 
-How do you get helpers to help out? 
-Prep things in the weeks leading up to it - little by little 
-Spread out buying things - little by little 
-What to buy and what to rent? 
-How do you build dessert backdrops? 
-I am finishing an online course about ALL OF THIS!! 
Check out HowToBeAwesomeAtEverything.com for Lindsay’s kids party course coming soon!  And for lots of other free podcasts on this topic and planning downloads.
Thanks for listening!  Have an awesome day!!