241. How To Be Awesome At Planning For Your Most Awesome 2023

This is not a resolution podcast episode - it’s the opposite.  It’s your road map for planning a 2023 where you live life FULLY. More of whatever you want and less of what you don’t want.

More money, more self care, more freedom with your time, more adventures, more focus on health…
Maybe it’s less time spent in the car or under fluorescent lights, less time being resentful or holding onto something, less time with people who don’t make you feel your best…

Whatever it is that you want more of and less of in 2023, we are designing a road map today to get there.

Because we know… it’s rarely the big actions that move the needle, it’s the small things we do everyday over and over, even when you don’t feel like it.  Success is relentless execution. Every year we are older and wiser so let’s lean into what we really want this year, and work backyards and make a plan to get there.

Here are some key points Lindsay makes:

-3 questions
How do you want to feel?
What are your peak experiences thus far?
What do you love?

-Put things on your plate with the people you want to do them with

-Let's make a plan and work backwards

-Make money in a new way

-Put things on your calendar that you wouldn’t normally do
Take a cooking class
Learn a new type of fitness

-Spend 18 minutes a day on something you want to be good at
At the end of a year that’s 100 hours - and that’s what it takes to be significantly good at something new

-One big challenge for the year

-Prioritize health

-Eliminate the stuff you dont need

-Prioritize your time

-Prioritize the things that fill you up
Your 10s!!
Make sure you get a few 10s everyday.

-Make sure you do things that you love

-Get uncomfortable and say yes to things that you would normally say no to

-Do things instead of watching them!