236. How To Take The Crazy Out Of Holiday Craziness

We are going into what’s usually the most packed month of the year for most of us.  With holiday parties and school performances and get togethers… it can feel non-stop! 

So how do we do all the things… but also… be present in the moment and enjoy it? 
Less craziness, more laughter and connection 
Less racing around and more time to yourself before events 

It’s all about planning ahead, eliminating what you don’t want to do or what’s not necessary and being organized. 

The goal of today’s episode is to hit pause on life for a bit to think about what we can do now to be sure the holidays don’t just fly by. And we don’t spend the next month racing from one thing to another instead of soaking it all in. 

More holiday awesomeness, less holiday craziness.

The holidays are one the most stressing times for people!!  Harvard study shows 62% of people have elevated stress levels during this time. 


-Only say yes or sign up for the things you really want to do 

-Plan ahead of time!  To avoid the last minute mad dashes! 
Being organized adn putting yourself in the shoes of you waking up the morning of an event is everything.
DO you need outfits for everyone? 
The craziness comes from thinking of these things JUST before you need it - then you race around to find it.

-Same goes with gift giving!!  Support local stores but do it online and with organized lists. 
Make your lists - and have a date to be DONE by.  Get some extras!! 

-Accept that not all experiences will be what you thought.  That’s part of the process. Accept imperfection and don’t make that the goal.

-Here’s the reason why… it’s SO easy to be so busy being busy and for what?  To not enjoy it?!

-Prioritizing your health 
Sleep enough
Move your body
Just splurge during holiday parties - not all month 
Don’t overdo sugar or booze 

-Keep your downtime!!  This is why we feel CRAZY because we have NO downtime!  Plan ahead and you will have it again!

-Be clear about your number one priority this holiday season.  For me it is connection. 
Overall and in the little moments. 
Connection doesn’t always happen by accident. 
Can plan for games or conversation games if you think it will prompt your crew to get more in the groove. 

-Don’t get so caught up in the craziness that you forget to enjoy your people. 

-Shake off what’s annoying. Don’t pick the battle.  Protect your headspace. 

CHEERS to all the magic of the holiday season… MINUS the craziness!