234. How To Be Awesome At Life With Do And Don't Do Lists

I’ve made my life a bit more awesome lately by making TO DO and DON’T DO lists.  
It’s 10 things I want to be sure I do and 10 thing I want to be sure I don’t do and it makes me have overall happier and more fulfilling days.

The goal of today’s podcast episode is to inspire you to make a TO DO and a DON’T DO list… that you put on your bathroom mirror and you do your best to follow it everyday.  

It’s like the best practical way to do the things you know are best for you and avoid the things that waste time or make you feel crappy or anything else negative.

It’s a great way to keep your goals front and center each morning and keep your priorities straight.  First we’re going to make your list… then we’re going to make you stick to it.

What do want more of?  What do you want less of?  What habits do you need to kick?  What habits do you want to start?

It’s all on these 2 lists that give you laser clear direction for the day and help you stay aligned with what’s really important to you.

Here are some key points!

-It may change at first

-It may take you time to get it right

-Then once you master things it may not need to be there anymore

-HOW to make your list
Write down what you want more of and what you want less of!

-Brain dump!  

-Listen to your favorite people!

-Write down lessons learned from your own mistakes.

Put it up, read it everyday as you brush your teeth.

Today I will…
Today I won’t….

CHEERS to your lists making your days more AWESOME!!