233. How To Be Awesome At Being A Girls Girl- Friday Podcast

How To Be Awesome At Being A Girls Girl.  Let’s break down what this even is. A girls girl is a woman who has other women's backs. For the women in her close circle, it’s a do-anything for, always look out for and love with enthusiasm and without judgment thing.

And for women not her in close circle, she gives them the benefit of the doubt and is willing to be extra kind or helpful or complimentary… not because of any other reason than us girls need to stick together. 

And it’s not always easy.  Society can sort of pit girls against each other - like the whole
Who wore it better thing.  It is literally us judging one woman against another in the same outfit.  Her hair, her make-up, her body composition.  Really??
Whoever created that is certainly not a girls girl.

Because a girls girl knows that we all have our strengths and our times to shine and another woman’s success or accomplishments or even luck, doesn’t affect ours. 
By being a girls girl through and through you have deeper and more meaningful relationships with the women in your life and you just feel more comfortable in your skin because everything isn’t a competition.

We’re on the same team girls!

Here are a few other ways to be a girls girl

-Go out of your way to compliment

-Go out of your way to refer something to someone

-If someone compliments your outfit, send them a link for it

-If you’re in a group and someone is about to get shit on, stop the conversation

-Be respectful around boyfriends and spouses - this is the fastest way to not be a girls girl!  To want all the guys attention or something along those lines!

-Don't let boys come between you and another girl

-Share with friends what you’re wearing - if they ask- so they feel comfortable

-Will drop anything when a friend really needs you

-Remember her bday and do a little something so special to her

Let me tell you why it can be hard sometimes to be a girls girl

-Sometimes you will be jealous of a stage of life someone is in

-Sometimes you will wish you owned something that someone else has

-Sometimes you will feel like not telling the brand of your new boots because then you won’t be the only ones with them.  Let me tell you something - it’s just STUFF

-It’s hard to give someone the benefit of a doubt- but you have to.

Here is how it all comes back to benefit you..

-You’re more confident - in general and in where you are at

-If you have kids, they see you being this way

-Your friends will do anything for you

-Good things come back around from strangers in ways you wouldn’t expect

CHEERS!!  To being a girls girl always!!