230. How To Be Awesome At Never Having An Outfit Crisis

As a girl who used to destroy her closet getting ready… and someone who would sometimes even pack a backup dress and heels when I went out in case I hated my outfit and wanted to change - whoa have I come a long way! 
In this episode, I’m sharing the secrets for never having an outfit crisis.
So you’re out there wearing clothes that you like and you feel comfortable in and confident and not self conscious. And, you’re not late getting everywhere because you’re trying on 100 outfits and destroying your space… and making yourself crazy in the process. 
Having a method for planning your outfits… for special events and on the daily… can be such a freeing and fun process. 
It’s about purging well and looking at your calendar to plan ahead, laying things out and trying then on ahead of time.  And making a decision, not over thinking it - AKA there will be lots of outfits - this is one day- by taking away the pressure the whole thing gets easier… and then going out and living your life and let the clothes you wear add to your confidence, not take way from it or be a stress. 
It’s a few simple steps and it makes all the difference. Let’s plan our outfits together today! 
Here are some of the tips we talk about:
  1. Purge your closet - so you only have things you love in there. 
  2. Look at your calendar ahead of time and buy anything you need for events - online or in person.
  3. Dont leave it to the last minute - lay out options and try them on. 
  4. Take photos to be sure you like it. 
  5. Always lay out your clothes the night before. 
  6. Decide and live your best life!!! 
  7. Get ready with plenty of time - allow extra for error for special events.
  8. Have go-to back-up outfits.  Black dress, etc. 
  9. Save bloggers pictures that you like - to recreate the look in your own way. 
  10. Stop body shaming yourself!  If you’re doing this - put up a picture of yourself as a young kid in your bathroom. 
  11. Buy clothes as a full outfit 
  12. Ask other people what they are wearing ahead of time. 
  13. If you constantly have a problem getting ready for a particular type of thing, make a note that you need more clothes for this specific thing.  For the gym or for a formal event. 
  14. Figure out your style - even though ever changing- having a good grasp on what you feel best in will help you navigate. 
  15. Stop panic or stress or LATE getting dressed! 
  16. “I have no clothes” “I hate everything” “I look awful in everything” 
  17. Save yourself SO MUCH TIME and stress by planning ahead.
  18. WEAR your clothes!  Wear the dress you bought for vacation on a Wed.  It’s just going to sit in the closet anyway!! 
  19. Dress for you- nobody else - it will be the ultimate way to feel good when you go out. 
  20. Spend more on things you love and buy less. 
CHEERS!  To never having an outfit crisis again!!