228. How To Be Awesome At Your Side Hustle

We are living in the greatest time there has ever been… to start a side hustle.

For our grandparents and great grandparents, a side hustle was called a second job.  Usually done at night after our main job.

That’s all changed.  We can all start and run a side hustle from home!

I love a side hustle for just about everybody.  And for different reasons.

It’s brilliant if you…
Feel overwhelmed with life but also underwhelmed.
OR you hate your job.
OR you are always stressed about money.
OR you want to be an entrepreneur and have control over your time and money.
OR you want to be creative and try new things.

Today’s episode is a mash up of all my favorite tips from my own business experiences and from the 20+ years of reading business books and studying how top producers do it.

We’re talking side hustles and hard work and getting out of your own way and following passions today.

-What is a side hustle?
Podcast, online course, Etsy shop, create a product, sell on Amazon, the list goes on!

-Inspiration from this podcast comes from everything I’ve listen to or read in business but especially from Gary Vee, Tom Bilyeu, Tony Robbins and Alex Hormozi.

Here are the tips!!

-Be around people who support your journey- or head down and don’t talk about it
Pick a partner/spouse who makes you feel awesome about working
You will feel resentful if you compromise your dreams because of them.
Pick someone who supports you, even if they don’t agree.
Don’t put your power on someone else.

-Don’t wait for a “good time.” Start today.
Not tomorrow!  There will never be a perfect time.
There are never going to be perfect conditions to start.
Best to start when seas are rocky, if you can weather it then, you will remain successful because you did it during rocky times.

-Read books and do the stuff in the books
Read one and act on it vs. reading 20 and doing nothing.

-Embrace failure and change how you think about it
Failure is essential!
You WIN or you LEARN!
Keep going.

-Surround yourself with people who are in the space that you want to be.
Don’t take advice from people who aren’t where you want to be.

-Instead of complaining, move.
Strong character is built through hard times.
Hard times helps us get to the good times.
Accept and move on.

-Use your circumstance as power, not an excuse.
Assume the world is unfair and act accordingly
Stop complaining!  All that complaining does NOTHING.
The world is unfair, go anyway.

-Never blame your circumstances, thank your circumstances for making you who you are.
You can’t change it or control it, lean into it.
You are who you are because of the stuff you’ve been through

-Seek out discomfort
You will suck at first.  We avoid discomfort.
We are judging ourselves for being bad at something we haven’t done before.
#1 discomfort is not accomplishing what you are capable of.

-Do what no one else is doing
You aren’t going to get the results you want doing the same as everyone else.
DO what you say you are going to do.

-When it’s time to hire people, they have to be smart and have a good attitude/vibe/perspective.  That over past experience or skillset.
You will make your life so miserable.

-Don’t believe what other people think about you more than what you think yourself
Tom Bilyeu says always- It’s all about how you feel about yourself when you are by yourself.

-Value your opinion over other those of other people
We often think everyone else’s opinions are more important.
The moment you decide you are successful- you are.
It’s our choice.
If you try to give yourself a number- you will move the number.
Once I am rich then…
It’s the journey- not the destination.
You are living your values of pursuit- that means success to you.

-Find something that works and don’t stop doing it.
If you keep doing the same stuff, you will keep have the same outcomes.
Whatever you are doing right now has gotten to where you are now.
So stop doing that if you want to push for more.

-Keep doing it until you are actually BORED!! because you are so good at doing that thing that works!
It’s hard as an entrepreneur because you don’t have set deadlines.
Keep doing it, over and over.  We just often aren’t willing to do it.
Find something that works and then double down on it.

-Do your best and make it above what it takes to be successful
You have to do things that other people aren’t doing.
Most people aren’t out there hustling.
You can’t do the same as everyone else.
You can’t look for their approval.
Do your best, not what it takes.
You must become better so your best is better.
If you try your best and it’s not good enough, get better.
Be better and do it for long enough- you will get better in the process.

-Assume you might not be right about everything and be willing to learn
Most people think the opposite.
Question what you think always!
Always be learning!!  Read and listen!
Have the humility to learn and be open.
Stop assuming we know everything.

-Make promises, keep promises (mainly to yourself!)
Destroy your reputation with other people.
More importantly, you break promises to yourself.
Respect for yourself is everything and the hardest to earn.
YOU know what you are capable.  You could have done more calls, made more content, gone to the gym longer, you could have made a better product.
You lose respect for yourself by breaking promises to yourself.

-Say you are going to do some thing and then do it
You are busy all day but nothing important moves forward.
The people who are doing the most in the world are making sure the most important things get done.
Usually!  It’s what you are procrasting on!
You can stay busy all day with stuff that doesn’t matter.

-Expect no one to save you except yourself.
The government isn’t going to save you.  
Nobody else is either.
Don’t wait around for it.

-When you start making money, don’t adjust how much you spend accordingly.
Don’t spend it all!

-Talk less, do more
Rather than talking about how much you are working, do it.
Stop preparing to work, just work.
Start with the doing.

-Avoid working on the stuff that doesn’t matter, work on the things that matter most, ignore the rest
WHO cares what your life looks like!
Be willing to not look fancy. You have to be real to you. Or you will be real to nobody.

-Start something new today and keep at it, until you are good do it so long that it would be unreasonable for you to be bad
Don’t leave half built bridges - don’t constantly jump into new things.
Don't leave when you see the downsides of things.
We are optimistic until we see the hard parts.
You will stay busy and not making money if you keep jumping.

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It’s hard and it’s uncomfortable- but it’s temporary pain for long term success, however you define it.

CHEERS to your side hustle that brings you fulfillments!