194. How To Be Awesome At Maximizing Your Car/Commute Time

Today’s podcast is about maximizing our time!  Specifically in the car.  

To do lists feel never ending and the days feel so short… it’s hard. What we’ve learned is the more intentional we are about everything we do… the more progress we have towards our goals and the more fulfilled we are on the daily and in the long term.

Now this is not to say you have to be fully productive every time you get in the car.  The opposite actually - maybe you need to decompress in silence during your drive… or get your mood going with your favorite loud music… or if someone is in the car with you, spend real non-distracted moments with them (well except for the driving part).

The goal of this podcast is to think of your driving time not just as dead time in your day as you get from one place to another… but rather time when you can make forward motion on things.

Anything that makes you feel good that is intentional, rather than running on autopilot through your day.

Some days we spend so much in the car or commuting - it feels impossible to get anything else done.

-Disclaimer- obviously don’t drive and do things unsafely.

-Write on your list night before - what podcast are you going to listen to.
Rather than staying up late and listen in bed- send it to yourself and save for the next day.

-So this is how car or commute time comes into this… as you’re writing your to do list the night before… have a little column for “car time.”  Maybe its calls you can do (safely) while driving to either be productive or check in with someone you love.  Maybe you know you’ll be driving with your spouse or kids and want to figure out something like what someone wants for their birthday or what sounds fun to do this weekend.

-Saves you that last minute scramble.

-The more organized your lists are - the easier this will be.

-Pick things that are idle - listen to a podcast - long calls etc.

CHEERS to making the most out of your day!!