182. How To Be Awesome At Knowing When You Aren’t Tired… You’re BORED!

Today we are doing to unpack why we are tired. 
Are we not sleeping enough? Not designing our schedule and routines so there is enough time for sleep and recovery? 
OR is it not that we are actually tired… but maybe we just aren’t inspired by what we are doing on the day to day?  Maybe we aren’t tired or lazy at all, maybe we just don’t have enough of what sets our soul on fire in the day-to-day. 
If you catch yourself saying “I’m so tired” often… this podcast is for you!  Let’s figure out WHY you are tired, and how to change it. 
There are a few parts to this!
Why you are you tired? 
1. Not enough sleep/downtime 
2. Not inspired/stuck in routine 
**Hacks for #1
Set bedtime 
Set alarms on your phone
Lay out reminders of what you want to be doing 
If you’re tired - you’re actually in control 
You made that schedule 
Yes, you have to take my kids here and there and deal with struggles etc. But it’s about accountability… you can do it all and still be inspired and motivated and rested.
Maybe you need to hack your day - eliminate wasted time - prep your food - find those hours you can be smarter with. 
**Hacks for #2 
Maybe you’re not actually tired or lazy… maybe you just aren’t energized about what you are doing.
A lot of times school puts us in a box. Get in line, figure out what you want to do when you get older. But we don’t work like that. 
Maybe the routine is the problem.
Maybe what you’re doing each day over and over is off.
How much are you doing that sets your soul on fire?
How many 10s are you getting in each day?
Keeping up with the Joneses. So many people are working for the house or the car, to impress other people that they don’t really care about. 
We have to live like this is our only at bat. We have one life. 
This is why Lindsay says she loves time alone in the morning. To constantly recenter and not just GO on autopilot. 
The question is… what are you going to regret the least when you’re 90? 
That’s the deal. 
The happiest people are the people that get to spend the most of the time doing the things they love with the people they love to do it with.  That’s it. That’s the end game.  Not the most money or the fanciest things. 
Lindsay talks about accepting losing and learning to love losing because it means you’re out there is part of it. 
And have ownership for everything. 
When you’re in your zone and doing your thing, you aren’t scared. 
Cheers to hacking your days so you are rested and motivated, not tired!