177. How To Be Awesome At Starting Your Day in the Best Way

This podcast episode is ALL about the power of your mind and how you your approach to your days!
And how it affects how you walk into situations and how it completely determines the outcome!!

So often we get in routine and just keep doing the things we’ve always done. And - we find what we are looking for.

If you wake up and you’re grumpy and you’re irritated and you’re thinking about that meeting that might be irritating.. you’re going to have a less than awesome day because you started out with that filter on.  Awesome things truly have no change of making their way through them.

If you think god, I’m walking into a crappy day… it probably will be.  But if you’re like… today is going to be awesome OR today is going to be as awesome as it can be (given whatever is going on) it’s MUCH more likely to be.

It think we subconsciously decide how we are going to approach our days… which turns into our weeks, our months and our years.  We decide the mood we are in and I’m telling you… the thoughts you think create the world in which you live in.  

You can completely convince yourself that something is going to be awesome or completely shitty- and either way you’ll likely turn out to be right!

Your thoughts control your road map of a day.

Ask yourself...
How are you using your mind to make you feel great or not?

Your destiny is ultimately decided by the decision you made this morning. A huge decision.

That is either - I’m going to get up, enter the world with no intention to get by or survive and go though the motions.


I am going to get clear in this morning about what I am going after and who I want to be and what I am going to go out and be awesome at!

The problem is most people don’t make this conscious decision.

Here’s the HACK, the practical way to do this...

THINK about the things you have coming up and ask yourself:
How are you going to make that special?
How are you going to be great at that?
How do you want this experience to feel?
How will you do this well?

Usually we just GO ABOUT THE DAY… rather than SIT and think about how you are doing to do what you have ahead, well.

There is so much power in realizing so much of what happens in our day is determined by our perspective going into it.

CHEERS!  To the best intentional starts to your days!