166. Awesome Cabo Travel Guide

Let’s talk about Cabo!!  One of Lindsay’s favorite vacation spots!  She’s breaking down what she thinks are the most awesome places to eat and stay… and some tips and hacks to make it easy and fun.  

What to plan ahead of time and what to make sure you pack.  Cabo is great for kids and families… but also so much fun for an adults trips or a romantic getaway.  Not to mention you can get a juice or a cocktail inside of an actual fruit, at just about anywhere you go.  Let’s plan your trip to CABO!

Cabo travel tips Lindsay mentions:

-Think about your days ahead of time and think creatively!

-Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want!

-Have a car booked- don’t get one at the airport.

-Stop by the airport bars or have drinks waiting for you in the car or stop by the stores.

-If you are staying for awhile… stop by the Costco on your way in!

-Book photos on the beach with Ximena! (Hee-meh-nuh)

-VIP car service & walk through security:
Luis +52 624 122 0107

-Hotels mentioned:
Las Ventanas
One and Only Palmilla
Hard Rock Hotel Cabo
Cabo Azul
Chileno Bay

-Restaurants mentioned:
Flora Farms!
The Office
Tres Sirenas (great for birthdays)
Sunset Monalisa - best view!!
Comal - at Chileno Bay
Arbol- at Las Ventanas
La Lupita for tacos
Steakhouse at Nobu hotel!

Cabo Wabo for great music and dancing!
Speakeasy at Las Ventanas

-Swim with dolphins
-Collect glass hearts

-What to pack!

Cabo is SO MUCH FUN and easy to get to!  If you’re in CA- you’re at the pool just a few hours after you leave.  Lindsay shares all her favorite things about Cabo!

CHEERS!!!  To your next AWESOME trip to Cabo!!