165. How To Be Awesome At Controlling Your Crazy


Lindsay says… 

"Out of allllll the podcast episodes I’ve recorded… this is probably the one that would have saved me the most conflict in my life."


Here’s what we’re talking about- you know when you’re on FIRE about something?  Usually about something that someone did or didn’t do, and you are coming in HOT, you do not care… you are holding nothing back… basically you’re losing your shit.


And often times, rightfully so!! I’m not saying you’re wrong for FEELING this way, we’re just questioning, is this realllllly how you want to approach it or react to it? 


Lindsay says...

"I’ve become SO MUCH CALMER in the last few years- and I still have lots of opinions and I’m a strong woman… I just don’t let the little things bother me anymore and when I feel myself boiling up and about to completely lose it… I tell myself 3 words.  Just like this… 

Control your crazy.

And it’s just my way of telling myself…. You’re about to explode… and even if the person deserves that… is that the person you really want to be right now?

And I step back, and I take a beat.  And it’s a GAME CHANGER.  You can avoid so many arguments and also it’s a way for me to recalibrate when I’m off personally and about to take my issues out on somebody else.

It’s so simple it’s brilliant.  And it makes your life so. much. easier.  When you are able to control your crazy."



Here are some of the tips Lindsay talks about: 


-Stop- don’t send the text or walk out of the room 


-Think- who do I want to be right now?  That sucked but I don’t have to 


-You know how you can be in the right but end up in the wrong because you lose your shit?   Ya, let’s avoid that. 


-How she has failed at this in the past 


Things to ask yourself? 

-Does this affect me to my core?

-Will I remember this and care in a week or a month? 


-Realize what you are upset about might not have anything to do with you. This is so often the case.  Many times we think people are doing things because of us or to us and they aren’t.  The driver may not have even seen you.  Your teenager may lie just because he doesn’t want to be embarrassed. 


-Realize YOU might be in a funky place and trying to put your issues on someone else or taking things out on them.  


-And the answer isn’t always easy.  Maybe a friend has done something so awful you are thinking about having a friend divorce.  And that’s ok, but you don’t have to explode to get there. 



There is so much POWER in controlling your crazy.  We hope this podcast brings you lots of value and you come back to it when you’re feeling like you want to explode!  Just remember… even if it’s totally valid… you’re always happier later when you control your crazy.