164. How To Be Awesome At Keeping Marriage Fun With Karli Fisher

How to be super fun, even though you’re also super responsible and have lots of things to take care of on the daily.  Today, Lindsay’s friend Karli is coming on the podcast to chat about how to keep your relationship fun and to make it a priority even if you’re exhausted or on a tight budget or annoyed by your partner…

It is no easy task to switch from taking care of kids and trying to rock through your to-do list, and then move into the fun and carefree partner that just loves to laugh and relax. It’s not always easy and it doesn’t always come naturally… but it’s SO IMPORTANT.  

Karli is awesome at this!  Her and her husband have the most hilarious dynamics and they are so loving and hands on with their kids… but they also make sure they get in date nights- sometimes just the two of them and sometimes with friends- and also trips the same way.

Lindsay is so excited and found the perfect friend to to tackle this topic with her… so here we go!  How To Be Awesome At Keeping Marriage Fun!  

Here are the questions Lindsay asks Karli!

-Is it all calculated?  How far out do you schedule?
-Where do you find ideas for fun dates?
-Date night ideas other than dinner?
-Out of the ordinary but budget friendly dating ideas - to date your spouse
-How to balance both of your ideas of fun?  I like a million activities, he likes one!
-How to keep it fresh with a newborn on a tight budget?

-What do you talk about when you’ve run out of things to talk about?
-How to separate kid life and to do lists and your relationship

-Tips on how to compartmentalize to switch into fun mode
-How not to be a stick in the mud.  I worry about the kids safety and become a Debbie Downer.
How do you manage that?

-How it keep it fresh and sexy when you have been married forever and he is annoying you
-"I’m often too tired, but I know it’s important to have sex often.  How to keep it fun?”

-How to do this best with babies and toddlers where time isn’t that easy
-How do you find people to watch the kids when you dont have family?

-Do your in-laws ever impact your marriage in a negative way?  How to navigate that…
-How to manage expectations from in-laws when they expect access to your free/travel time

-Daily things you can do!
-What to do when my partner says I put kids first
-Keeping the spark alive!  We are exhausted with work and 3 kids.
-How did your relationship change after having kids?
-Tips for when you’re SO TIRED!

As we know, babies grow up to be big kids and big kids grow up to be young adults.  Prioritizing your romantic relationship through the years is so important.  Hope this episode helps you think about the best way to do this in your relationship.