163. How To Be Awesome At Radiating Happiness With Jenny Pelton

Welcome back to the How To Be Awesome At Everything Podcast!

In this episode is our very first guest in our summer series- Lindsay’s friend Jenny. She literally radiates happiness.  Like all of us, Jenny has real life sadness and struggles that happen but she manages it so incredibly, Lindsay is getting into her mindset behind it.  

How do you stay happy and in a positive headspace when life is complicated or people suck or you’re dealing with sadness?

How do you stay happy when your kids are wild or not listening or your husband is complaining or you are dealing with conflict or with someone who isn’t reciprocating your kindness?  

Even when faced with conflict or tough situations, Jenny is always in a good mindset.  And her positivity is contagious.  You can’t not smile and be happy when you’re around her because her happiness is so genuine and deep, it radiates.  So, she’s the PERFECT PERSON for today’s podcast all about BEING HAPPY!  Please welcome… Jenny Pelton.

Here are the questions that Lindsay asks Jenny!


How did you come to have the “be happy” mantra?

How do you stay positive when the weight of cooking and cleaning and kids seems like so much?


Is there anything you do when you are off and not super positive or happy to get in a better state of mind?
Im very aware of other peoples energy -

Do you ever have days when you sort of stay to yourself and regroup?


Just a reminder that we all have life struggles and sadness… even if all of that is not shared publicly.
Do you have any tips for staying positive and happy, even when dealing with sad life moments that you’ve learned through the years?

Question from IG:
How do you deal when your kindness is not reciprocated?

You are SO NICE- but you’re not that sort of nice to where you get pushed around.  You’re strong and direct- but in the absolutely NICEST way possible.  How do you balance this?

Any tips for dealing with conflict and coming out in a good headspace?

And how do you not let it phase you?

How do you have happy and full days with the kids but also get your emails done and the house picked up and everyone fed?
You get it ALL DONE, and have great LIFE experiences everyday … and you are present and not stressed during it.  Sometimes when I’m doing things I love with my kids… I’m not really actually IN IT because I have stuff to do at the same time… how do you get it done and have so many experiences too- and are fully present and happy during them??