162. How To Be Awesome At Choosing A Party Theme

Today we are talking PARTY THEMES!  Lindsay is sharing what she thinks is the best way to go about brainstorming and choosing a party theme… and of course we are talking about ALL SORTS of themes - some traditional and some totally creative and unexpected.

Even for the most causal or smallest parties, a theme is the best way to give your event a feeling and a vibe… and it makes it so much fun to plan.

And one of our main goals in party planning is to make sure you are doing it in a way that allows you to enjoy (not dread) the process.

We’re talking about picking a theme that is perfect for you or the birthday boy or girl… at this age and stage… we’re covering adult parties and kid parties, birthdays and holidays.  Every party is better with a theme… so that’s what we’re doing today!  

The goal: Pick a theme that just feels RIGHT for this moment - this age and stage.

How far out:  Far enough to plan, but not too far that it would change

Essential:  Make sure you will love the process - that’s key! With the theme you choose!

The process:
Brain dump of the themes!

SO many theme ideas!

White party (or any color)
Neon Party
People in uniform
Merry Birthday
50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s
Back to prom
Heros & Villains
Wild West/ Country
Zoo party

Semi- Traditional kids
All the kids ones - Princess party, superheros, lego, pirates and princesses, Disney characters, a particular kid movie like Toy Story, Frozen, Aladdin, etc.
Mermaid party/ Under the sea, glow in the dark, unicorn
Slumber party with tents, spa party, outdoor movie party, glamping

Cloud 9 party
Flamingo Luau
Arabian Nights
Tea Party
Apres Ski theme
Food festival
Summer Camp

Themes that work for any age!
Beach party
Pool party

For non-birthday parties
School years eve party- before school starts - like NYE
Oscar party

Fun for adults
Masks & mimosas
Murder mystery
Beer/champagne/sake tasting

You can make any theme- even the most traditional - super authentic and perfect for your occasion.  

Pick colors that are a bit different from what you would normally see with this theme and think outside the box!

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