79. The Most Awesome Weighted Blanket

You might remember years ago I was obsessed with my heated blanket but once I had our home tested for EMFs… I sadly got rid of all of the electric blankets in the house as I’m trying to keep all of that to a minimum. 
I haven’t felt that next level comfort until recently when two friends gave me this weighted blanket. It is 25 pounds… It is heavy but it’s insane how relaxing and warm it is. And it’s warm in a comfortable breathable way.
There is just something about curling up on the couch with this blanket that takes relaxing to a new level. 
I sleep with it every night because it just brings this sense of calm and coziness to have this super soft heavy blanket on top of you. 
This one is the best of the best so it’s an investment but worth it!
Click HERE for link!