87. The Most Awesome Father’s Day Photo Book

A photo album that says “Adventures With Our Dad.” 
Fill the book with 200- 4x6 photos of Dad and his kids and the favorite family moments. 
The best part is- this book is so nice.  It has this modern, smooth black cover… it just looks special, not like something you’d just pick-up at the store.  
I ordered this book on Etsy so when you click on the link we send you, you’ll see a screenshot of exactly how I ordered it so you can do the same. 
You can even add names or anything else on the cover. 
I had so much fun picking photos to print then sorting all the photos to putting them into this book. I love gifts that are memorable and you use or look at often, which is why I love this. A year from now he likely won’t remember the socks or robe that you got him, but he will remember this sweet book filled so many loving memories. 

Click HERE for link!