90. The Most Awesome Drink Powders For Health & Hydration

It’s your water - but supercharged.

Shake up these amino acids, colostrum and electrolytes.

Aminos for building muscle and body recovery, colostrum to support your immune system, gut and brain health and electrolytes for hydration, energy and relaxation.

My favorite flavor combination is the lime aminos with the strawberry lime electrolytes and the colostrum is unflavored.  Each come in single use packs which make it so easy to mix up quickly at home in the morning or on the go.

It’s best in super cold water or with ice. Shake it up and it all dissolves nicely and it tastes like yummy flavored water.

It’s literally an energy drink - but from the earth.  This combo supports your body’s overall health on the daily and in the long-term in so many awesome ways.
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