89. The Most Awesome Cake Pillars

File this under… where have you been my whole life?

These three dessert pillars breakdown so they store slim but they look like they are sturdy structures.

They come white and are made to have a stretchy cover put over them. You can find all sorts of them on Amazon. They each have a little bit of a different diameter, but many sets of three are the same dimensions.

I bought a set of three black ones and then one soccer one and one trophy one so I had the options and I loved the way this turned out.

Brooke from Bang Pop Shop and I weren’t sure if we were going to do the Cakes on their own on these pillars or if we were going to put them on cake stands and put decorated donuts and cookies below them. We ended up, loving how they looked on their own. 

And the kids just loved getting a slice of all three flavors of cakes.

Lately I’ve been doing one big table as my dessert display with a variety of desserts, but I really loved the impact that these pillars made, and I will be using them over and over again.


Click HERE for the link to the Pillars!

Click HERE for the link to the Pillar Covers!