86. The Most Awesome Foil Art Activity Kit

When my girls were younger I would have a little activity set-up at the kitchen table when they came home from school so they could unwind and be creative and for the last few weeks I’ve brought that back because I realized - if I want them playing and doing things together and not gravitating towards screens - it helps if I give them ideas of things to do.

So, I’m all about activities that are fun for all ages and this is one of those!  These kits come in several themes and each background page has a sticker page that comes with it.  You put the stickers where you want them, then peel off the sticker part on the top and press any color of foil paper that you want.  The foil transfers onto the sticker and you have a colorful piece of art!

We tried these out when we had a few friends over and everyone loved them. They spent over an hour making a few different scenes each. This is not one I’d take to a restaurant because there are too many little pieces to pick-up.  But so awesome for a rainy day at home or if want to have a little afternoon activity ready to go, this is a great one!
Click HERE for the link!