85. The Most Awesome Phone Grip and Stand

This combination is literally genius. If you have an iPhone 12 or newer, your phone has the magnetic technology for charging and that’s how this grip attaches. It’s a nice strong magnetic so this thing is only coming off if you drop it really hard. I love that there’s nothing sticky involved and it makes holding your phone so much more comfortable and just easy to use. 

The stand is so great because the phone grip slips right into it so it’s fast to use and it stays in place. The legs are easy to adjust so you can literally set it anywhere and take photos and videos.

I’ve owned way more stands than I’d like to admit and all have flaws! They are too bulky to toss in your purse or you have to adjust a bunch of things to get it secure, this one is just a little dream.

Both come in many colors - I have the iridescent grip and the pearly pink stand naturally but all are so cute.  It’s the awesome phone pairing you need in your life!
Click HERE for the phone grip link!
Click HERE for the phone stand link!