83. The Most Awesome Activity Books

I’ve been bringing activity books to restaurants for over 10 years now and these ones are really special. 
They are like sticker books but instead of stickers you transfer the images over to the pages using pencil that it comes with.  It works so well and there’s so many ways to be creative with it. 
The pages and designs are so colorful and they make this in a few different themes. 
I just love an activity that works for a wide range of ages. If you have multiple kids or if you go to dinner with other families, you can pass out a few of these to share and it’s entertaining for everyone.
They are great quality and you can use them over and over.  I’m going to take these on long drives and flights  because I’m all about spending free time being creative and less time on screens and these are perfect for that! 
Click HERE for the fairy link!
Click HERE for the jungle link!