82. The Most Awesome Snack Tackle Box

Snacking is just way more fun this way.
My family is obsessed with these.
I pack them all the time.
For Friday night Lights or when the kids have tournaments, for long car drives or beach days.

They are around $20 each and I have two because sometimes we have a big crew and I fill both and other times if we have back-to-back events on the weekends… I want to be able to grab a fresh one, even if I haven’t had time to fully wash the other one.

I love combining fruits and veggies with some protein and some treats… it’s a little bit of everything and you can see all the options at once.

These individual containers pop out for easy cleaning or if someone wants to take an entire section and go enjoy it on their own.

I love having snacks on hand for when things take longer than expected or we have a packed day with not a lot of time for full meals.

They’re equally cute as they are practical.
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