80. The Most Awesome Weekly Planning And Habits System

This is the system that I created so you can design your days with intention✨
Set a big goal (that feels impossible) and make progress towards it everyday.
We make a strong plan, commit to being disciplined with it and we experience total life freedom.
It’s the most awesome of all the awesome things because it helps you design a life that you love❤️
A life where you go for it, take the chance, try the hard thing.  A life where you aren’t stuck in routine but where you feel truly ALIVE because you are doing the things you love with the people you love🫶🏼
Let’s design the next awesome chapter of your life, as the best version of you.
I’m so proud of how many people are using this system and loving it because of the changes they see. If you’re using the 2.0 system, please let us know how it’s working for you in the comments!  If you want the link for more info, please comment “2.0” and we’ll DM you the link right away.
Click HERE for the link!