78. The Most Awesome Cooler Bag For Travel

You will use this $32 cooler bag so much more than you think! 
It fits perfectly under the seat in front of you on an airplane.  It’s super light weight and folds down small when you aren’t using it. 
I love packing snacks and even meals for long flights.  It’s just hard to find healthy food options at the airport and lines are often long and then you have nowhere to put it all… why have the stress when you can pack food that you know you love ahead of time. It has pockets for your forks and spoons and napkins and a shoulder strap you can attach. 
I usually pack my cooler like this.  One gallon Ziplock bag for each person with their name on it.  It’s easy to pull out and everyone gets exactly what they like.  
If it’s a quicker flight, or for when we are on our way home from a trip and I’m not leaving from my house, I’ll pick-up items and pack them more casually like this. That way nobody is starving on the way home and I’m not scrambling to try to get airport food.  
Plus, it’s fun to pass the time on the airplane snacking.  This cooler is your new best friend when it comes to packing food for a trip! 
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