77. The Most Awesome Portable Chairs

In my mind, there are three things a folding chair must have. 
They have to be easy to pop up and put away, they have to be lightweight so they aren’t a pain to carry and they have to be comfy cozy. These chairs are exactly that.
The chairs I used to have… I swear you had to watch a YouTube video every time you wanted to use them to figure out how to put them together. These ones are great quality and even the kids can set them up.
You can attach a little cupholder if you want and I’m telling you the best part is they feel like a comfortable hammock.
When I’m looking forward to watching the kids play sports… part of it is the feeling of being so relaxed in these chairs. 
I started with one and now I have one for everyone in the family that I keep in the truck on my car because they’re the best!
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