76. The Most Awesome Outdoor Family Game

The Most Awesome Outdoor Family Game.  You need this in your life because it’s instant togetherness and fun!
We’re bringing back the koosh ball friends. If you’re new to this, let me show you.
These balls are stretchy and soft and the paddles are ultra bouncy.  
I got 3 sets of paddles and a few extra koosh balls so a group can play together.
I keep them in this tote bag so they are easy to grab on the way out the door or pack in a suitcase.
This is one of those games that you aren’t just playing to keep your kids happy, it’s a blast for adults too.
I just read the book The Power Of Moments so I’m super into inserting special moments into the days when possible. If you see me walking around Aspen with my tote bag this week, you know a Koosh game is in our future.
Paddle with ball: (get 2 sets)
Click HERE for link!
And extra Koosh balls: (get 2 sets)
Click HERE for link!