74. The Most Awesome Little Gift Book

This is the gift you give someone when you want to give a little bit more than a card, but not a full gift basket… This is the sweetest book and it’s inexpensive and little… A birthday card fits perfectly right on top, and it makes for a really thoughtful gift that's not too much but just enough.
This is one of those things that's great to order a few of - so you have them on hand for those last minute occasions.
This little book is filled with uplifting and positive quotes - but not the cheesy kind - the kind that gives a little push into action and reminds you just how awesome you are.
It’s a small but memorable gift because they’ll likely put it out in their
I love gifts that don’t get tucked away somewhere - this is one of those as they’ll likely put it out on a coffee table and look through it every so often.
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