67. The Most Awesome Ice Face Roller

When I first pop my eyes open in the morning I think about two things - my extra hot collagen coffee and my extra cold ice face roller.  I’ve had so so many of these and none of them compare to this one! 
First- it’s like double the size of most of them so you can roll all over your whole face comfortably.  It doesn’t drip all over like many do and it stays cold long enough to do your whole face for a few minutes.  
I feel like it depuffs and tightens the skin.  Your face will just feel more fresh afterwards. 
It’s an investment but less than the cost of a facial and you will use it everyyyy day. 
Get the little bag for it too- it keeps it so nice in the freezer and ready to go for the next day.  Tag me when you use this baby- we’ll be early morning ice rolling together!
Click HERE for Ice Face Roller
Click HERE for Face Roller Bag