63. The Most Awesome Kitchen Jars

Drinking glasses… the cutest parfait jars… and storage jars.
I love the way things look when you organize using similar containers.  These are great for the pantry or the fridge or the cabinets.
All of these have really good seals on them so close up tight and don’t leak and the items stay super fresh.
I fill these cups with water and store them in the fridge so it’s easy to grab when we’re at home.  I love transitioning from plastic to glass as much as possible and the way we store our food and drinks is top of the list.
These small yogurt cups are perfect for prepping breakfast items like chia parfaits or yogurt cups.  I love that the spoon is attached so it’s all in one.
My powders cabinet was out of control so I ordered up a few sets of theses to get organized.  I filled each with the protein powder or supplement powder and labeled them with my favorite labels.  These are waterproof and matte so they just look sharp and they last.
Look at how much better this cabinet looks!
It’s the best feeling when everything is organized and matches!  Cheers!
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